Puget Sound Veterans Hope Center

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Welcome to the Puget Sound Veterans Hope Center / a place where veterans help veterans


We are a group of volunteers, mostly Vietnam veterans who see a GIANT need in Tacoma/Pierce County, WA. Transitional, bridge and / or permanent housing are readily available for veterans-in-need but it takes 30 to 120 days to enter these programs. What does veterans and/or their families do to prevent homelessness through this 30 to 120 day period? Sleep in cars? Sleep in the woods?

 The Veterans Resource Center at the Tacoma Rescue Mission helps veterans by getting them registered with the National VA Homeless Hotline and the American Lake VA center. The Mission houses and feeds them. We also provide donated backpacks, clothing and hygiene supplies. There is an established veterans-only sleeping room but it is limited to 10 beds and there is a constant waiting list. There are ALWAYS more than 10 vets needing shelter but those must join the other mission occupants in bunk beds or on floor mats.

 Our goal is to find a location where we can house dozens of male, female and veteran families in a safe place until they can obtain more permanent housing. With the downsizing of the military, this need will only grow.

Our focus has now shifted to finding an adequate building for our needs; we require office space to house PTSD, TBI, substance abuse, employment and lifestyle counselors and a kitchen to feed the occupants. We should never punish people who have stepped forward and defended this fine country we live in. Many vets lose control of their lives through their reaction to military service, but they should not be sentenced to live in their cars or the woods until local social services can meet their needs.

We hope to obtain a place for emergency veteran housing. Senator Steve Conway and Representative Brad Klippart in the Washington State Legislature were able to obtain capital funds for our endeavor. Thank you Sen. Conway and Rep. Klippart! We now need operating funds. Any help would be appreciated! How can you help? Donations will allow us to run this safe place for vets and their families. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible. This website can receive PayPal donations. We also have organizations and volunteers ready to remodel a facility to meet this need. All we need is the building.

Effective June 1, 2016 we have hired a Project / Program director to plow the way for us / stay tuned . . .

Contacting local representatives would also be helpful in our attempts to obtain this place.